Move To The Free South

Where the American Dream Is Alive and Well

Everyone knows that big cities are getting more crowded and unaffordable - especially for young families, entrepreneurs, and recent college graduates. But not everyone realizes that there are hundreds of small towns throughout the South that are eager to welcome new residents who want to buy homes, start businesses, raise families, and put down roots.

While other regions have been tearing down everything that makes life enjoyable, we've been building it. Arts, culture, dining, sports ... and some of the most magnificent natural beauty in the world!

What's Great About The Free South?



  • Smaller government with a deep-seated commitment to individual and property rights.
  • A wide variety of schools, both public and private.
  • Legislatures and judiciary that support the 2nd Amendment and personal liberty.


  • Business-friendly officials that roll out the red carpet for employers, instead of putting up roadblocks.
  • Lower cost of living, and higher quality of life than other regions.
  • State and local economies that are benefiting from an influx of employers, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers from other regions.


  • From snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches, and from high-tech hubs to off-grid homesteads, the South has the lifestyle you're looking for.
  • Diversity isn't a buzzword here, it's reality. The South is home to people of every race, creed, and color.
  • The Southern economy is widely diversified. Whatever field you're in, you can find work here.
People walking and enjoying themselves in a small town.

Small Towns in the South Are the Answer to:

  • High cost of living
  • Unaffordable homes
  • Congestion
  • Rising crime
  • Polluted air and water
  • Lack of opportunity

Perfect for the "Sandwich Generation"

The slower pace of life, lower cost of living, and neighborhood schools in small towns are perfect for those who are caring for both their children and their aging parents. Your multi-generational family can stretch out and enjoy personal space in a small town, in a way you’d never be able to in the big city.

Find Your Perfect Home

We are currently working on an interactive quiz that will help you find welcoming communities that align with your:

  • Values
  • Stage of Life
  • Preferred Lifestyle
  • Style of Home
  • Educational Needs
  • Career Goals
  • And More!

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